Tips, thoughts and analysis on the intersection of Catholicism and technology.

Sid O'Neill on Jun 23, 2021
The death of spy pixels
If our technology isn't ultimately in the service of forming real, one-to-one relationships, it's just an expensive pantomime.
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Sid O'Neill on Jun 12, 2021
Catholic technologists are facilitators, not gatekeepers
Constraining the Church into technological fiefdoms will hinder our ability to thrive in the modern arena.
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Sid O'Neill on Mar 18, 2021
Catholics, privacy, and Big Tech
Technology can be a vital way to evangelize – but Catholics need to decide whether the privacy trade-offs are worth it when adopting Big Tech solutions.
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Sid O'Neill on Mar 11, 2021
Our free Catholic icon font
A good parish website user experience is made great by icons – but what do you do when you can't find a priest icon? We created a free icon font for Catholics!
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Sid O'Neill on Mar 6, 2021
What's the point of a parish website?
Parish websites abound. But how many parishes could tell you succinctly – if asked – what the point of it is? Why does it exist?
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